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February 11, 2016 Thursday Myrtle Wilks Community Center 1498 IH-20 Cisco 6:30 - 8:30pm The Eastland County Republican Party and Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County will be hosting a Texas House District 60 Forum. We encourage all to come and get to know their candidates. 



  MCL Coliform Violation (TCR 22)

  The City of Gorman water system TX0670003 collected 3 water samples during November 2015, which contained    coliform bacteria. This water system is required to submit a minimum of 3 routine water samples each month for  bacteriological analysis. The 3 routine samples were coliform-found and 9 repeat samples were coliform-absent for  the month and year indicated  above.

  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sets drinking water standards in Texas and has  determined that the presence of total coliform is a possible health concern. Coliforms are bacteria that are naturally  present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other; potentially-harmful, bacteria may be present.  Coliforms were found in more samples than allowed and this was a warning of potential problems.

  For water systems analyzing at least 40 samples per month, no more than five (5) percent of the monthly samples  may be positive for total coliform. For systems analyzing fewer than 40 samples per month, no more than one (1)  sample per month may be positive for total coliform.

  If you have questions regarding this matter, you may contact the City of Gorman, Tacy or Jill, at (254)734-2317.