Gorman Texas

Businesses of Gorman
Gorman is very blessed with several businesses that have excellent customer service and country charm!

The City of Gorman has a community center for Special Events/Family Reunions, call (254)734-2317 for more information.

For water, sewer and trash services contact City Hall at (254) 734-2317.
Oncor Electric Delivery (Chamber Member) maintains the lines, poles and lights for the most part in our area. For more information go to www.oncor.com.

For choices in power companies, go to www.powertochoose.com

Atmos Energy (Chamber Member) maintains the natural gas lines in Gorman. For more information, go to www.atmosenergy.com.

Totelcom Communications (Chamber Member) is the local telephone company. They also offer High-Speed internet services. For more information visit their website at totelcom.net.

Reach Broadband/Rapid Cable/RB3 is the only cable company that services Gorman at this time, for more information, please visit their website www.reachbroadband.net .

​Dish Network, www.dish.com and Direct TV, www.directv.com also service Gorman.


GORMAN PHARMACY        117 S Kent          734-2859     Chamber Member
Dr DAN BRUDNAK     115 S Kent       734-4254    Chamber Member

Higginbotham Funeral Home    219 W Roberts    734-2272    Chamber Member

THE HAIR SHOPPE                    510 W Lubbock                         734-2257
COUNTRY CUTS                        203 E Lexington                        734-3388
NATHAN’S BARBER       512 W Lubbock        734-4410        Chamber Member
BIRDSONG PEANUTS      601 E MCCALL       734-2266     Chamber Member
GORMAN MILLING      302 E LUBBOCK      734-2252    Chamber Member
A O EASLEY TRUCKS                 810 E ROBERTS                        734-2673
SIMMONS PROPANE                  1100 HWY 8                                 734-2517 

CLARK CONSTRUCTION    109 E ROBERTS ST     734-2755    Chamber Member
CAMPBELL CONSTRUCTION       118 W HOUSTON                      734-4776
CON-SPEC TIRE STATION          205 N KENT                              734-3878
GILMORE’S AUTO                      117 N KENT ST                         734-2119
PORTER’S GARAGE                    1006 S CRESCENT                    734-3330
TORREZ LAWN SERVICES          219 S UPTON                            734-2535
MIEARS' CAR WASH                  408 W LUBBOCK                       734-2962
BOB’S LAUNDRY                        215 E LUBBOCK                        734-2765

BOB'S GROCERY                       615 E LUBBOCK                        734-2765
CEFCO                                      371 E LUBBOCK                        734-2319
JOSEFINA’S                              Briscoe/Ross                             734-3935
THE PEANUT HUT/PIZZA PRO     417 W LUBBOCK       734-2776     Chamber Member
DAIRY QUEEN       419 W LUBBOCK     734-2450    Chamber Member
BREAKFAST DELIGHTS              315 S KENT                               734-4633
ZJ’s CAFÉ                                 107 N KENT                              734-4976
HARDIN’S BBQ                          104 E LUBBOCK                        734-4949


OUR FATHER’S HOUSE ANTIQUES       103 N KENT ST      734-4290      Chamber Member
PANDA’S FLOWERS & GIFTS      111 S KENT       734-2519    Chamber Member
BURLAP & BARBWIRE     106 N KENT    (817)454-1320     Chamber Member

PROSPERITY BANK      115 S Fisher       734-2254    Chamber Member
HOUSING AUTHORITY    116 S Fisher    734-2400    Chamber Member
GORMAN ISD                            303 S SECOND                         734-3171
EAST END COOP                       539 W ROOSEVELT                   734-2020

Realtors (for the area)

Southwest Realty Advisors LLC                                                  (817)454-1320 

Town & Country                                               (254)629-1725    (800)300-1725

Remax Crossroad Realtors                                                         (254)629-3800 

Cogburn Real Estate                                                                  (254)893-6666

Lamb Real Estate                                                                       (254)893-6502

Texas Wide Realty                                                                     (254)734-5055